Tenant Holiday Checklist

What do to before you leave your rental property to take holidays

by Janeen Toner-Wasil, McGrath Orange Property Management

To ensure you enjoy your holiday, we recommend you consider the following tips as part of your planning.

• Let your property manager know that you will be away, and your expected date of return – you can call us on 02 7903 0753

• Depending on the length of your holiday, temporarily stop mail and newspaper delivery

• Make plans for care of pets, or kennelling pets. We can recommend some places to consider if you call our office

• Prepay rent and other bills that will be due while you are away

• Don’t leave perishable food in your refrigerator – if you can, place all compostable items in the council green bin

• Empty any trash bins you may have inside (perhaps arrange for a neighbor to put council bins out for emptying, and replace them after the garbage collection is done)

• Do the dishes so you can come home to a clean sink

• Unplug the coffee machine, computer and other appliances and electronics

• Make sure any electronics left plugged-in have surge protection

• Turn off the air conditioner

• Close and lock windows and doors

Enjoy your holiday knowing your home is secure for your return.

If you have any questions, talk to your Property Manager. We’re here to help!

Posted in Uncategorized on 11th January, 2022