Get The Best Price For Your Home With Property Styling

Director of McGrath Orange, Josh Fitzgerald has eight years experience in the real estate industry and, with the rise in premium properties hitting the market in the region, he has also seen the increase in property styling opportunities in preparation for sales.

“The digital age is a big influence on presenting a property at its best,” he said. “People are online viewing Pinterest and Instagram pictures of beautifully decorated homes and well-edited images, and they expect the same from real estate agencies.

McGrath Orange is fortunate to have access to some of the best photographers and production teams in the country with consistently stunning imagery but, Josh says there’s only so much you can do with a photo.

“The property needs to be looking its best to entice potential buyers to enquire about the property and then, when it comes to inspections, a well-styled house gives buyers confidence in the property, that the vendor taken the time to reinvest, get it cleaned and get it styled.”

The team at McGrath Orange recommend styling a property to increase the value of any property, no matter the price bracket, so, to help you understand why, Josh spoke to Anna Derham of Derham Interiors about property styling.


It’s a well-known fact that first impressions matter and it’s especially pertinent regarding property sales. 

Property styling sees a professional team plan and arrange furniture and accessories to bring your property out in its very best light for photos and/or inspections.

“It’s all about presenting a house in its best possible light for sale,” explains Anna. “Property styling is an investment that could potentially help you to achieve a better sale price for your home, or even a better quality tenant if you’re renting out to a premium market.”


Depending on the state of the property, whether it’s furnished or unfurnished, styling might involve hiring furniture for a period of time, or rearranging your own property contents to help create a sense of space and how the space can be used, depending on the target market.

“If the house is empty we’ll come in with a whole lot of furniture, artwork and accessories and dress the house to give people an idea of the scale of the space and how it will work for them,” Anna said.

“Sometimes we’ll come in and do an edit where we move things around or pair things back to make things feel a bit more spacious and inviting, we’ll tweak it and add some accessories and layers. We want to encourage the best possible price.”


With potential buyers generally viewing the property online, the home obviously needs to make a strong visual first impression and the online marketing needs to appeal to as many genuine potential buyers as possible.

If you think of your home as a model. Professional models who sell products, typically require some help to look as good as they do in promotional material: work on their hair and make-up, styling and lighting make all the difference. The same applies to your real estate asset – and this is where property styling comes in.

“Presentation is everything, especially when you’re selling your most valuable asset,” Anna said. “It does add a large value to it and its hard to put a figure on that, but in terms of getting more people through the door, making the listing more attractive, more competition for the property and therefore a higher price.”

According to Anna, the additional value styling offers of the helps people with their idea of space.

“If you walk into an empty house, it’s hard to get a sense of how that room is going to accommodate your furniture or what will fit into the space. We add furniture, or take it away, so people get some idea of how they can live in the space.”

According to data collected from a leading Australian home staging company, during 2016, for every $1 invested in property staging the property owner received a return of $20 on average. Your Investment Property magazine estimated that staged properties boost sales prices by an average of 10% and Josh has seen time and again the value property styling brings to a listing.

“Without doubt, property styling along with the McGrath marketing campaign increases the interest in a property and ultimately the sale price.”

For more information and tips, click HERE to watch Josh and Anna’s interview, or contact McGrath Orange to find out how we can help you sell your home.

Posted in Uncategorized on 30th June, 2021