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Our aim to help every pet find a home

In Australia, an estimated 250,000 healthy but unwanted dogs and cats are killed in Australian municipal pounds each year because they no longer have a place to call home. 

The team at Fitzgerald Estate Agents are passionate about finding every client a home but they also want to ensure every animal is part of a family home.

For that reason we were unanimous in our decision to support Central West Animal Rescue, a small but highly active not-for-profit animal rescue based in Orange. 

After opening in 2017 and have expanded to now service Central West NSW, Dubbo, Lithgow, Mudgee and surrounds. 

Central West Animal Rescue successfully rehomed hundreds animals over the years while also providing full necessary vet services such as desexing, vaccinations, flea, worming to each animal. 

“We re-homed over 400 animals just during December 2019 to December 2020. The majority of our rehomes are dogs and cats, however if the odd horse, bird, guinea pig, or any other animal presents itself – we will assist,” said 

The Central West Animal Rescue operates as a ‘foster home network’ for animals stating that an animal will present their ‘real’ personality in a home environment with a foster family. 

“A foster home environment creates a much more positive and beneficial environment for our animals, as they get to experience the family dynamic and therefore, learn to interact and adapt with family members, other animals and in normal family situations, more effectively than living in a shelter environment. 

In the foster homes, animals receive training, exercise, adventures out of the home and enrichment which enables the growth of a healthier, happier and more confident animal. 

“We do’nt have any time constraints on our animals,” … said. “We will work with them, be patient and let them go at their own pace for as long as they need. No good result comes from rushing an animal when they are not ready.”

Our mission is to work with and assist with as many private surrender requests that we can, in turn removing those animals from the pound system. We also work with councils across Australia, by assisting them with the rescue of their animals on death row.

We believe that there is no ‘bad breed’. We also believe that EVERY animal deserves a chance, no matter their condition or behaviour. We are a no kill rescue that prides ourselves on the rehabilitation of the sickest, most damaged, saddest cases. We provide the necessary training, vet work and the correct environment to give them the best possible chance at becoming healthy and happy, and then finding their forever home.

We understand and sympathise with the importance of human relationships with own animals. Nothing is sadder, seeing a family having to give up their beloved pet due to homelessness and often the animal is all they have left of importance in their life. It is for this reason that we also offer temporary housing and vet care for families of whom are experiencing tough times, such as homelessness. Once the family has found suitable accommodation, their fur family member is returned to their families loving arms. Additionally, we also temporary care for pregnant animals due to accidental pregnancies, where the owner is not only unprepared for the financial burden of the litter, but also unprepared for the birth process. We will temporary care for the pregnant animal, until the time they have their litter, the litter is grown up and the mum is able to be desexed and returned to their family. This is our way of not only assisting those in need, but also stopping the cycle of unwanted litters.

Animals are our life! Even if we can help change the life of one animal for the better – our job is done!

“The passion of rescue reveals the highest dynamic of the

human soul.” Kurt Hahn


Our amazing team of  volunteers are committed to  helping our animals and are the backbone or our animal rescue!

Our beautiful group is full of all ages, varying qualifications and lifestyles. We have found ourselves together because of our  passion for animals and that’s what makes it so wonderful!

Interested in becoming part of our group?

We’re always looking for new team members with varying roles such as dog and cat foster carers, fundraisers, administration coordinators and many more! 

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